Peach Blooming Tea

Green Tea with Chrysanthemum Flowers and a String of Seven Jasmine Flowers with Peach Flavor.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Fill your kettle with freshly drawn water from the purest available source.
  2. Heat the water to boiling.
  3. Use one pearl per 15 ounces of water.
  4. Pour the heated water into a clear glass vessel.
    Note: Make sure it's made of tempered glass, if not the glass may crack or shatter when you pour in the hot water. One trick to avoid this is to place a metal utensil in the glass before adding the hot water. This can absorb some of the heat and keep the glass from shattering. 
  5. Next, drop the pearl into the glass and watch it bloom. It takes about 45 seconds for the pearl to open. Let steep for another 2-3 minutes, then it's ready to drink. Keep the blossom in the glass while sipping and add more hot water as you drink. One pearl will easily make more than 25 ounces of tea.

Type: Tea

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