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COSTA RICAN - PASTORA COOPE TARRAZU Fair Trade / Rain Forest Alliance
COSTA RICAN - PASTORA COOPE TARRAZU Fair Trade / Rain Forest Alliance from $ 11.95
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VMCT Launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap in Colorado

August 20, 2016

Chris Chantler and Craig Arseneau of Vail Mountain Coffee stand with their kegs of Nitro Cold Brew CoffeeVail Mountain Coffee and Tea (VMCT), one of the highest altitude coffee roasters in the world, is bringing “Craft Draft Nitro Cold Brew” coffee to Colorado.

Craig Arseneau and Chris Chantler, co-founders of VMCT, have invested time and effort to change the way their customers enjoy iced coffee.

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Fuel Your Adventure®

October 13, 2015

Whether it's biking trails or hiking trails, running or training, your most recent endurance adventure through the backcountry undoubtedly includes water and, or an electrolyte drink to fuel your exercise. However, you can't forget to fuel your adventure with your favorite cup of coffee from Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea. For years, studies have shown caffeine should not be discounted in relation to athletic performance. In fact, caffeine is shown to improve endurance, reduce the amount of perceived pain mentally, and reduce post-exercise soreness. A study in the American College of Sports Medicine showed ingesting caffeine one hour prior to prolonged exercises, such as running and cycling, increased performance. Although there are some positive effects of short-term exercise, evidence supports...

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